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How To Write A Wedding Speech

Being honored with the request of giving speech at wedding is something wedding attendants take very seriously. The most common wedding speeches include the father of the bride, mother of the bride, best man, maid of honor, bride and groom wedding speeches. These wedding speeches and toasts will offer very different style and information, writing a speech for wedding generally follows the same five steps.

A Guide For Writing A Wedding Speech And Performing Speech

Step 1: Writing the speech. How to write great wedding speeches? A good wedding speech can take time, time and more time to write. There will usually be a first draft, revision, second draft and possibly more revisions. Wit, funny lines, endearing moments and honest information will all need to be added to the speeches for wedding with just the right flow, flair and length.

The first stage is more about finding wedding speech idea, chose the right words and the feelings you want to portray during the speech. This is a once in a lifetime chance to tell how you feel so you want to plan well to get it right.

Step 2: Creating your initial draft. The first draft will always be the most rough. Writer’s block, barely humorous lines and length are often the top concerns after the draft is complete. Reading the first draft to a close friend or stranger is important to get a reaction to the wedding speech. If you are trying to make the moment truly sentimental, like they do in the movies, remember – those actors and actresses have professional writers that work hours to perfect their wedding toasts.

Step 3: Revise, rewrite and finalize. After getting feedback, it is time to make changes and finalize the speech for weddings. People often have the most difficulty with the funny one liners and witty remarks that are so endearing when the couple watches the wedding video. There is also the trouble with being too personal. Just because something is funny between you and a select group of wedding guests, does not mean it will be universally funny. The final draft should be reviewed again for any last minute changes before the final steps in the wedding speech process can begin.

Step 4: Remembering the speech. Steps 4 through 6 are all about memorizing and performing the marriage speech. While very few people remember what they have written word for word, it is important to know what the speech says fairly close to the original. If the time it takes to write the wedding speech can be shortened, the practice and memorizing phase can be allotted more time.

If all else fails, keep a copy of the wedding speech on hand in case being in front of people keeps you from delivering the best possible speech you can offer.

Step 5: Performing the speech. Take a deep breath and speak from the heart. These are the two best pieces of advice when delivering a great speech at weddings. All eyes will be on you, yes, but the words are what people are really noticing. A well written wedding speech can be the highlight of the night, so yours needs to be professional quality.

Writing wedding speeches and toasts are not easy, and that is okay. There is help for people who want to give a professional style speech. Wedding speech templates, wedding speech examples and wedding speech samples be able to help you get the great wedding speech ideas.  

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